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With consultants country-wide you can trust on our excellent service!

  • Lower your monthly debt payments
  • Let us help you with our Home Rescue and Car Rescue Plans
  • Get yourself out of the rut
  • Stop blacklisting, judgements, defaults, administration, debt counselling
  • Stop subjecting yourself and living with low credit scores

New Service for R50.00 – “My Credit Check” Comprehensive Credit reports with:

  1. Your personal details
  2. Your Credit score
  3. Your accounts data
 Debt Management Plans (DMP) tailor-made for you needs! Our services include:
  • Debt Mediationthis is not debt counselling or administration - you will not be listed on ITC - no legal fees - you can still apply for credit - your monthly fee is only R199 instead of 9.2% of debt review - no expensive distribution costs (monthly installments go straight from you to the creditor) 
  • Home Rescue - talk to if you have problems with paying you home loan
  • Car Rescue - do not let you car be repossessed.
  • Removal of Judgements
  • Removal of Administration
  • Removal of Debt Review - we can enroll you in our debt mediation plan
  • Removal of Defaults
  • Removal of Trace Alerts

Could a Debt Management Plan (DMP) be your solution? If you have too much debt and cannot pay you debt monthly without skipping payments or feel that your debt obligations makes you not to meet your day to day living expenses we can enroll you into a customized Debt Management Plan.

With debt mediation as an alternative why would you even consider going under administration or debt review? Our DMP will protect your assets, prevent creditors from taking legal action against you and not hamper you credit scores negatively!

The payment you make is based on what you can afford. Debt collection procedures and letters against you will be stopped.

We will negotiate a lower monthly payment your creditors agree to. Payments are then simply made via monthly fund transfers by telephone banking, debit card, or debit order. This will result in timely, automatic payments to creditors. You do not pay us any ongoing management fees

We do not take your money, you pay you creditors directly to eliminate unnecessary admin costs. The process takes approximately 30 days

We will help you to improve your credit ratings, pay your debts with lower monthly payments and reduced interest rates.

Manage your debt. Improve your credit. Then enjoy more peace of mind. You can do it with ITC Clearance. Through our professional services you can put your finances in order and rid yourself of worry. In fact, no matter what kind of debt problems you face, we try to help.

Why must you still be listed when you have paid off you debt or are ready to pay it all.

ITC Clearance act under Section 129 and 130 of the National Credit Act (NCA -No. 34 of 2005: National Credit Act Act, 2005) in debt mediation as an "alternative dispute resolution agent".

Required procedures before debt enforcement 
129. (1) If the consumer is in default under a credit agreement, the credit provider-
(a) may draw the default to the notice of the consumer in writing and propose that
the consumer refer the credit agreement to a debt counsellor, alternative
dispute resolution agent, consumer court or ombuds with jurisdiction, with the
intent that the parties resolve any dispute under the agreement ....;

"We do not perform miracles.

We work in the confines of the law."

ITC Clearance Guestbook

Posted by Shella on
i was under debt review in 2013 and paid up all the credit late 2014 now the creditors say i have unsatisfactory credit rating what does that mean and how can i overcome this
Posted by betty motshwene on
I want u to clear my name
Posted by Bongani on
Im bongani lubisi id no 8711095919084
Posted by Bongani on
Clear my name
Posted by Zandile on
How much do u charge in helping to clear debts?
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