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We will help you to improve your credit ratings, pay your debts with lower monthly payments and reduced interest rates.

Manage your debt. Improve your credit. Then enjoy more peace of mind. You can do it with ITC Clearance. Through our professional services you can put your finances in order and rid yourself of worry. In fact, no matter what kind of debt problems you face, we try to help.

ITC Clearance’s mission is to assist clients who are listed on credit bureaus, either voluntarily by consenting to an administration order or involuntarily by defaulting on credit agreements. Many people opted for voluntary Administration Orders because of desperation, ill advice, and misrepresentation of consequences of the order and in some instances being bullied. Ignorance on the client’s part cannot be counted out, but ill advice is often what result in their regrettable decisions that result in them being listed for 10 years on the ITC even after paying off their debt.

Failure to pay debt result in involuntary judgements orders being obtained that will stay on a debtor’s credit record for 5 years.

We at ITC Clearance noted with concern that many people will eventually pay of their debt and they do not know the next move to clear them from the credit bureau. Some are ready to pay off the debt but does not know if this will make any difference on their ITC ratings.

This is the people that ITC Clearance wishes to assist, we call them people who are trying to improve their credit ratings, and we do not call them delinquents. These are people who realize the longer they delay to improve their credit ratings, the higher they will pay for future credit; if they can obtain it.

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“We do not perform miracles.

We work in the confines of the law.”

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