• Stop blacklisting
  • Stop subjecting yourself and living with low credit scores
  • Let us remove all adverse listing from your credit report reports.

As consumers you are entitled to fair assessment and correct scores on the credit bureaus.

We have an excellent understanding of credit reports and can read them for clients and advice on how to improve credit scores. We have excellent knowledge of the credit industry, the credit reporting laws, the financial industry, and the repercussion of failing to service your debt properly

Credit bureau listing time frames


Categories of consumer credit information


Maximum period


Details and results of disputed lodged by consumers

Number and nature of complaints lodged and whether complaint was rejected. No information may be displayed on complaints that were upheld.

18 months



Number of enquiries made on a consumer’s record, including the name of the entity/person who made the enquiry and a contact person if available

2 years


Payment profile

Factual information pertaining to the payment profile of the consumer

5 years


Adverse classifications of consumer behaviour

Subjective classifications of consumer behaviour

1 year or within fourteen business days after settlement by the consumer


Adverse classifications of enforcement action

Classification related to enforcement action taken by the credit provider

2 years or within fourteen business days after settlement by the consumer


Debt restructuring

As per section 86 of the Act, an order given by the Court or Tribunal

Until a clearance certificate is issued


Civil-court judgments

Civil-court judgments including default judgment

The earlier of 5 years or until the judgment is rescinded


Administration orders

As per the court order

The earlier of 10 years or until the order is rescinded



As per the court order

The earlier of 10 years or until the order is rescinded



As per the court order

Unlimited period


Rehabilitation Order

As per the court order

5 years


Other information

Any other information not included in the category above

2 years



  • This is a misleading term, which came about when credit bureau only kept negative information. In the 1980's, following international trends, credit grantors are now encouraged to also share positive information about their customers, as this facilitates access to credit.
  • The perception that credit bureau only keep negative data is not true. 
  • About 60% of the information held on credit bureau is positive information.
  • One cannot be blacklisted but can be part of the 40% who have a negative notation. The data is not divided into good and bad it is all on one comprehensive database.
  • Transunion, Experian, XDs and Compuscan gather history relating to the debt load, payment history, Court judgements, bankruptcy etc. of individuals. Banks and other business dealing with individuals will then purchase information about individuals from these Credit Rating agencies before doing business with any individual.
  • If credit provider decide not to deal with you, it is not because you have been blacklisted or they are blacklisting you, it is because your credit worthiness / history Transunion, Experian, XDs and Compuscan is bad.
  • These Credit Rating Agencies will even give you a rating or credit score.
  • They report both the good things and the bad things. Let us make them only report good things about you!


If you are served with a summons you have numerous options:

  • If you do not dispute the debt is not disputed - pay it
  • If you cannot pay the full amount – We will negotiate with your creditors – often we are able to negotiate discounts.
  • If you have reason to dispute the debt – We will lodge a notice of defence and defend the action.

Enforcement of a judgment

A creditor can enforce a judgment in several ways. These include:

  • By installment—by consent or court order
  • Order to seize property
  • Order seizure and sale (auction)
  • Garnishee order / Emoluments order / Attachment of earnings / salary
  • Attachment of debt


“Do not be put down by judgments. Act to have them removed!”