What is Debt Negotiation?

We know because we have implemented it for thousands of clients!

  • Our legal unit negotiate with the legal unit of the creditor or with the outsourced legal firm or with the debt collector representing the creditor and come to a mutually beneficial agreement about how to pay off your debt. Many clients have tried to do this themselves, but because they do not understand the law, they enter into agreements that are short terms – sometimes only 1 to 3 months and eventually not beneficial. It is best if this is done peer-to-peer / legal-to-legal.
  • We operate in a way that assist over-indebted clients to become financially fit, often in as little as 6 months. Our Clients can still afford their day to day expenses like food, transport, school fees, housing, etc.
  • We can assist when you are over-indebted or even when you have suffered a temporary setback.
  • Our legal unit lowers you monthly instalment and in some cases also lower interest rates.
  • Unlike with debt review which consolidate debts into one monthly payment paid into a trust account of a Payment Distribution Agency who then make payment to the creditors, we allow the client to pay the debt directly which amounts to savings of up to 5% per month.
  • Unlike with debt review, our clients will still receive statements from the creditors that allows them to monitor progress in paying off the debt.
  • With debt Negotiation you credit ratings are not affected in the same way as with debt review because with debt Negotiation we do not list our clients on the credit bureau.
  • Our service allows you to turn negative spots on your credit report into positives spots.
  • Timing – Clients must enter our programme as quickly as possible before their financial position becomes even worse. However, unlike with debt counselling (once an outstanding debt with a creditor reaches a certain point, the creditor does not have to agree with a debt counsellor) we we even negotiate with debt collectors and we also include judgments and defaults in our proposals to creditors.


Debt Negotiation Benefits

  • No consolidation loan is necessary!
  • Pay an affordable monthly installment!
  • Have sufficient funds for living expenses!
  • You get immediate relieve - no waiting period!
  • You cannot be turned down!
  • You adverse listings will be updated!
  • Pay only 60% of your current installments!
  • Keep up to 40% of your income for living expenses!
  • Keep your assets!
  • Installment amounts are reduced!
  • Repayment periods get extended!
  • Judgement amounts get discounted!
  • No more hassles with debt collectors!
  • No more letters of demand!
  • No legal fees!
  • Judgments amounts get discounted!
  • This process takes only 30 days!


Go for Debt Negotiation and you will not be blacklisted on credit bureua!